Bob Burt Cabinets & Pedals


    Bob Burt builds cabinets and pedals in Milton, Florida USA.

    Timeline (by Bob Burt)

    It should be noted that since I began building cabinets and pedals in 2000 I have maintained a full time day job and worked on cabinets and pedals in the evenings and on Saturday's. I am still doing this. A year ago I secured the assistance of a local finisher to spray the finish on my cabinets and I have always used a local artist to pain my pedal enclosures. Other than that, I do all of the work myself. All units are hand made by me one at a time.

    • 2000: Built my first cabinet for John Landgraff. I did not have any tools and borrowed a friends wood shop to do the work.

    • 2002-2007: I bought various tools and began building cabinets in my garage. I continued to produce more and more cabinets building a reputation as a man of his word and master craftsman.

    • 2007: I built my Overdrive prototype and began testing with various players. Word began to spread about my pedal and Blues Angel Music began distributing my pedal. I worked on other designs through the next year and a half. I designed my Clean Boost which is a very nice pedal.

    • 2009: The breakthrough moment for me was two fold. ToneQuest magazine did an interview, test and review of my overdrive, clean boost and a custom speaker cabinet. They gave my clean boost one of the most glowing reviews I have ever seen. Soon after I began distributing in Japan. These two things took me from building a few pedals a month to building fifteen to twenty per month.

    • 2010: I completed construction of my new wood working shop and designated pedal production shop in preparation of pushing my business forward to the point I can do it full time.

    • 2011: I continued to go into new territory with the design and production of my GR8T Multi Distortion. Again, it is a unit made for the working musician that gives the player a vast array of tonal flavors with the turn of a rotary switch. No mini toggles or switches to try and flip on the fly, just simply turn a knob. It is my most challenging design to date. November 2011 I launched my new website which is much nicer than my original one.

    • 2012: I hope to continue to produce cabinets and pedals and grow my business with the help of new distributors.

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