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The iFX Raw Boost is a 15 dB clean guitar signal booster pedal designed to take your tiny 100 millivolt guitar AC signal and boost it to a maximum of 9 volts.

Essentially this effect is really a cut down and mellowed Opamp overdrive box. With all the fluff taken out and other parts that makes a standard basic overdrive pedal, this is the result. A nice clean signal boost to increase your guitar signal with as little clipping as possible.

What it contains:

  • Low noise pre-amplifier providing upto 15dB
  • Buffered inputs and outputs for driving long cables
  • Solid industry standard footswitch
  • Volume control knob
  • External 9VDC power supply jack
  • Solid die-cast aluminium box

Most guitar players (especially those wanting super high gain / distortion output) usually succumb to buy digital modelling effects and other distortion pedals in order to achieve the high gain they need but with one common (and unfortunate) result… Sterile tone.

This pedal is designed to take a small guitar signal and boost the signal so that by the time the guitar signal ends up at the amplifier, the amplifier’s preamp section will be hammered with a larger more powerful signal.

This signal is then sent into the preamp forcing the preamp to distort a lot more than it would ordinarily with a smaller signal.

The iFX Raw Boost will preserve your guitar tone while enhancing the signal size giving your amplifier more to use for a clean channel or more signal that it can distort when using an overdrive channel.

The pedal can be used in different configurations:

  • Direct into the guitar amp: pounds the amplifiers front end forcing the preamp section to distort a lot more than just with a plain guitar signal
  • Guitar effects loop: most guitar amplifier effects loops are between the preamp and power amp sections (not all but a lot are). The iFX Raw Boost in the amplifier’s effects loop will provide a volume boost. Good for solos and a general lift in volume.

The iFX Raw Boost circuit runs of a 9v power supply (negative tip supplies like the Boss adapters) and is also True Bypass. Please note that using any clean signal booster pedal into a transistor based amplifier will produce different results than a tube amplifier due to the different way transistors behave.

I use this pedal both for recording and live playing with my band The Cilikis Progressio Project. It gives me a nice loud clean boost to the amps clean channel to help cut through and clean up the tone plus when used on the high gain channel of my Marshall Amplifier, it thickens up the overdrive making it easier to play fast shredding licks without ending up muddy sounding.

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