Blues Pearl BF-1 Blues Factor


Blues Pearl

The Blues Factor is a true analog delay effects pedal. It is un-colored without that hollow reverb type sound. It has a wide range of control unlike most modern pedals. The signature time delay works in real time with 3 simple controls, and a switchable rate section. It offers 1 blend control that runs parallel, not series so you can blend straight signal in or out of the mix, again not seen on most pedals. Almost every amp has reverb that you can control so you chose the depth of that instead of a pre-set amount fixed in a design. You can get all that great tight slap back feel to the end of time repeat. An old school analog delay pedal can hit the pocket book hard and most are found in rack mount style cases used in studios, not a pedal. If you want true delay effect for under $1,000 that you can take on stage or studio this is the one.

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