Blue Skool Records Universal Drive


There is a touch sensitive, open, and dynamic overdrive tone that many musicians spend their lives chasing after.  While many of us may never own a Dumble Amp or a Klon Centaur, any one can access similar tones with the Universal Drive.  Whether you play fusion, jazz, rock, country, or blues, there are tons of epic tones in this box from the warmest and most mellow of overdrives to the crunchiest and most sustained leads.  Moreover, we have added even more versatility through a three-way switch that chooses between the standard boutique MOSFET clipping tones, crunchy LED, and a super smooth diode.  Just start twisting knobs to unlock the tones of SRV, Robben Ford, Santana, and more!

  • Volume - Controls overall output volume

  • Tone - Bass is on the left, turning the knob right adds more sparkle and highs

  • Voice - All the way left is gritty and crunchy while all the way right yields a smooth and creamy clipping texture.

  • Gain - Turn right for more volume, grit, and crunch

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