Blue Skool Records Space Fuzz


This is a hand-made silicon transistor Tonebender fuzz pedal. To offer more versatility, the pedal features a bass boost switch for darkening bright rigs or just a beefier tone and a bias knob on top for dialing in the character of the fuzz from farty to Led Zep to Satriani-esque. Like all Blue Skool Records' pedals, this build features only the best ear tested components, and is designed to look cool as hell.

Space Fuzz – Pick your cliché: Out of this world – From another planet – Universal – Going where no man has gone before! With its custom artwork and stellar look, the Space Fuzz inspires players with space-age sounds from the history of rock. Based on a Tonebender, the Space Fuzz gives players complete control over the texture and character of the fuzz though four knobs and a hi-cut switch that accommodates variations in guitar, pickup and amplifier.

  • Volume – controls output volume

  • Tone – All the way left cuts the highs, while all the way to the right boosts them

  • Fuzz – Controls the amount of hair on your signal. All the way right, and the pedal is almost tame, and lets your tone shine through. As you turn the knob left, your tone will grow a beard as fuzz is added. Manipulate the character and texture of the fuzz through tweaking the fuzz knob with the bias control

  • Bias – All the way to the right will produce the sputter gated fuzz sound while turning the knob left will all you to dial in the right amount of saturation and sustain. Use the Bias and Fuzz knob together to unlock the epic tones of yesterday and tomorrow.

  • Hi- Cut Switch – Cuts the higher frequencies, warming the tone as well as taming bright guitars and amps.

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