Blue Skool Records Pink Beaver


The Pink Beaver is a Rams Head Era Big Muff Pi with BC239C transistors. We've added a mod for fixing the Big Muff Pi's scooped mid EQ, which does not cut through in a band setting. We added a 4 way EQ switch that affects how the tone knob works.

The Pink Beaver for your viewing pleasure!

  • Position 1 is the standard mid scooped tone knob that we all know and love.
  • Position 2 is a flat mids tone knob that you'll find on a lot of the modern boutique Muff clones.
  • Position 3 is a mid hump tone knob which really cuts through and gives it a real overdrive flavor when you roll back on the guitar's volume knob.
  • Position 4 is a tone knob bypass, like you'd find on some of the later versions of the Big Muff Pi.

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