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Phuket Phozz -  Classic Germanium Fuzz Face with a special bias knob.  This beast is true to the original Fuzz Faces from the era of Hendrix and Cream, right down to the New-Old-Stock (NOS) Germanium Transistors which are hand selected, tested, and finally ear tested in their final circuit to ensure that every pedal sounds like the most magical fuzz you have ever played.  Unlike Silicon transistor fuzz faces which can be edgy and harsh, Germanium yields a creamy fuzz with the ability to clean up by rolling off the volume on your guitar.  All of our Germanium fuzzes are ear tested and tweaked to provide the most possible tone and sustain as well as the ability to clean up the tone using the guitar's volume knob.  We added two needed improvements on the original Fuzz Face to bring this pedal into the 21st century:  a charge pump that allows players to daisy chain this pedal along with other effect (using a 1spot) , and an up top bias knob for re-adjusting the tone as the pedal heats up.

  • Regular- Volume control that changes overall output

  • Soy- Bias knob - we set this where it "should" be, but feel free to tweak this knob to unlock secret sounds.  Do be aware though, with this knob all the way to the left or right will make the pedal sound broken.  The pedal is not broken, but rather mis-biased, and some like that sound.  One extreme should be quieter, and yield a sputtery fart tone, while the other extreme will be louder with more midrange.  We suggest finding the sweet spot where the note sustains the longest, yet cleans up with the volume control.

  • Spicy - Fuzz control.  All the way to the right is full fuzz.  Leave it there and use your guitar's volume control for adding and taking away fuzz.

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