Blue Skool Records Fuzz 408


The joke goes like this: "We are so poor in the 408, we can only afford one knob!" Don't let the size or economics of this pedal fool- this thing is a tone monster! Using the highly coveted, ear-matched BC108/109 combo, the Fuzz 408 sound like the best fuzz face you never owned. We heard everyone dimes the fuzz knob anyway, so who needs the extra hassle? Just plug in, crank the volume to slightly above your clean volume, and we dare you not to start playing Foxy Lady endlessly until your significant other looses it. Like all BSR pedals, the Fuzz 408 feature true bypass wiring, boutique, ear-tested components, and funky graphics- plus this one takes up almost no pedalboard real estate.

Volume - maybe a "how dumb are they in the 408?" joke is in order. There is just one knob, volume, tough to be overwhelmed. Even bassist will know how to use it.

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