Blue Skool Records Domino Effect


Domino Effect Overdrive Pedal--guts and glam shots coming later today. Stay tuned.

Beautiful, beautiful guts of the Domino Effect Overdrive Pedal. Questions? Comments? Let us know!

Its a subtle overdrive to light distortion. With the gain down low, this pedal acts a boost, adding just a hint of bite and sparkle. Crank up the gain, and unlock the "Pride and Joy" and "Highway to Hell" tones within, all at reasonable volume levels! Finally, we have two switches to access even more tones. One switch chooses between two germanium clipping diodes or a combo of germanium and silicon for varied textures, while the other clip warms up the high end for bright guitars and amps (or maybe you like a really creamy overdrive tone). (From the builder himself)

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