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    Blakemore Effects is run by Blake Hickey, the owner, CEO and sole employee. The company is located in Detroit, Michigan, but before that in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Timeline (by Blake Hickey)

    • 2007: built my first BYOC pedals.
    • December 2010: got my first breadboard.
    • December 2010: built my first pedal on a breadboard (a Fuzz Face).
    • April 2011: finalized the designs of my first 3 pedals.
    • July 2011: started building, and officially started selling pedals July 31st.
    • February 2012: Brett Kingman posts a demo video of the Deus Ex Machina that gets me a lot of exposure.
    • July 31st 2012: celebrated the first birthday of my company.

    That takes me to present day! Haha. My company is still pretty darn new, so I don't have tons of exciting milestones yet, but I have some great dealers, and I'm confident more great things are in the future.

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