Blackout Effectors A Seriously Special Twosome Dual Fuzz



Behold the Blackout Effectors Seriously Special Twosome, an exclusive run version of Blackout's legendary Twosome Dual Fuzz that's only available here at ProGuitarShop. The Seriously Special Twosome deviates from its predecessor by marrying the raucous sonic assault of the Fix'd Fuzz Deluxe to Blackout's Blunderbuss, a variation of their Musket fuzz circuit that offers a brighter, fuzzier, less compressed tone with hybrid germanium / silicon clipping. The Blunderbuss speaks in a very raw, open voice without the distortion-like characteristics exhibited by the Musket.

The Fix'd Fuzz Deluxe and Blunderbuss circuits together in one pedal would be enough for most people, but the fellas at Blackout Effectors just couldn't let the Seriously Special Twosome alone, so they went and made the circuits stackable, even letting you switch the order for endless gnarly possibilities. The Blackout Effectors Seriously Special Twosome dual fuzz is an absolute must-have for the dedicated knob tweaker, letting you build and sculpt epic fuzz landscapes the likes of which the world has never heard.


  • True Bypass
  • Blunderbuss Musket Side
  • Fix’d Fuzz Deluxe Side
  • Stack ‘em in any order you choose!
  • Bitchin' silkscreen graphics
  • Standard -9VDC Operation

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