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Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz



Blackout Effectors

The logical progression from then to now, the MUSKET is based on one of the raunchiest, best selling fuzz circuits of all time - taken three giant muffy steps further. With the addition of the PRE, FOCUS & MIDS controls, the MUSKET is able to traverse the decades, the continents and the many iterations of the classic 4-stage fuzz circuit - from emulation to beyond.

If you need fuzz and you need it to be massive…

Blackout Effectors about the Blunderbuss version

A fun little Musket-revision project, called the “Blunderbuss Musket” is wrapping up soon. It's not the V3 Musket, it's an alternate take on the Musket circuit with a big banging sound.

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