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Blackout Effectors

MANTRA OVERDRIVE by BLACKOUT EFFECTORS: equally capable of invoking the sacred sounds of a classically refined overdrive AND summoning wickedly raunchy drive, with more crunch on tap than the “overdrive” moniker usually entails. With such a wide palette of tones and character the MANTRA will feel just as at home at the feet of the stalwart blues crowd as it will the quintessential rock & roll protagonists.

The MANTRA utilizes amp-like circuit architecture, with multiple cascaded MOSFET and JFET gain stages to insure the most natural, touch-sensitive overdrive conditions possible and a seemingly endless range of clean-up with your guitar's volume knob. We burned a lot of midnight oil to make sure that the MANTRA could get down with vintage-type, low output single coils and hot humbucker pickups alike. From gently fingerpicked melodic phrases to bludgeoning riffs that you'll want to play over and over and over...


  • BASS | Cut it or crank it. One thing is for sure, you won't be left wanting.
  • TREBLE | Crank it up without losing any lowend or drop it down to emphasize those mids. Smooth out your highs or let 'em sizzle!
  • GAIN | From vintage tweed-like chime to blazing drive.
  • VOLUME | Like it loud? We thought you might.

Comprised of all discrete transistors/components and absolutely no diode clipping, the MANTRA is genetically far removed from the run-of-the-mill overdrive fare and the sonic difference is clear. Like all Blackout pedals, these gems are handmade (with precision & balls!) at our shop in Asheville, NC, with high-quality components and rock solid construction throughout.

Chassis: Beautiful glossy transparent gold finish with a blood red silk screen graphic. The transparent gold allows a lot of the chassis' natural surface variations to come through, providing a finish with real depth for a three dimensional look.

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