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Blackout Effectors

In the world of guitar effects pedals, there are not many that stand out as unique any moreuntil now. The all new Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger is what happens when a pseudo-Octavia fuzz and a ring modulator make sweet, sweet love. The child of this unlikely couple is the Crystal Dagger, an octave-fuzz/ring modulator/phase pedal that is unlike anything previously heard by the masses. The Fuzz side consists of a painstakingly created fuzz that produces a high gain crunch that is sweet and out of control at the same time. The octave effect can be switched in via a mini-toggle and adds a dimensional soundscape of upper-octave bliss to the fuzz tone. Now, here 's where the Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger gets interesting the Ring Mod side is pure evil. This side utilizes LFO-swept filter modulation that is run in parallel with the input signal. This allows the Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger to produce robotic ring-mod effects, shimmering pitch shifting, and full out phasing effects. The Frequency knob acts as both a speed control for the LFO as well as a carrier frequency control for the ring mod. This side of the Crystal Dagger can produce anything from alien swirls to synth-y ring mod effects. Sounds great, right? The real fun of the Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger comes when both effects are engaged. The signal goes from input to the Fuzz side to the Ring side (both circuits in series) and engaging both circuits produces some of the wildest sounds ever imagined. Leave it to Blackout Effectors to continue to innovate in a world of clones and copies. The Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger is all analog, all new, and all original and will change the face of the fuzz world forever.

  • True Bypass
  • All Analog Circuitry
  • Unique Octave-Up Fuzz Circuit
  • Unique Ring-Mod/Phase Circuit
  • Switchable Octave (fuzz side)
  • Standard -9vdc Operation (no batteries)



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