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The SWELL control sets the sensitivity of the SWELL footswitch function, which will determine how fast and how strong the swell effect comes on/fades out. The swell effect is additive regeneration (loop feedback) above and beyond what’s achieved by using the REGENERATION control. Think of it in terms of being double the amount of feedback from the REGENERATION control, so it should be set to compliment that. It can be utilized to add extra subtle swells of regeneration all the way to runaway oscillation. FOR EXAMPLE: If the REGENERATION is set to maximum (putting it near oscillation already) then only a small amount of SWELL would be needed to push it over into a swell of oscillation. If the SWELL control is set higher in that scenario, the rate at which the oscillation occurs will come on very quickly with less dynamics in the ramp-up to full-blown oscillation. EXAMPLE 2: If the REGENERATION is set to a subtle level, the SWELL control will have much more range to add extra regeneration before oscillation sets in.

There are 2 modes for the SWELL function, which can be set via an internal DIP switch on the PCB. The DIP switch has two tiny sliding switches. In order to function correctly, one switch must always be set to the “up” position and the other set to the “down” position. To change modes merely reverse which sliding switch is up and which is down.

Your pedal will come set for MODE 1, which sets the SWELL footswitch to “momentary on”. This means that the swell effect will only be in-line while holding down the footswitch. The swell effect will smoothly fade out at roughly a rate just a hair faster than it swelled in, once the footswitch is released. In MODE 2, the footswitch is set to “momentary off”, giving the exact opposite functionality of MODE 1. In this mode, the swell effect will always be in-line and holding down the footswitch will momentarily fade it out until the footswitch is released again. Note that the swell effect can essentially be bypassed by turning the SWELL control all the way to the left, if you wish to keep your pedal set for MODE 2 but don’t necessarily want to have the swell effect audible all the time.


= feedback control. It takes a little bit or an abundance of the reverb-greased signal and feeds it back to the beginning of the reverb circuit for further greasing; and so on and so on. Apply liberally.


The DAMPEN control is a low-pass filter on the reverb path of the signal to provide EQ tone shaping. To make the reverb effect darker turn the DAMPEN control to the left. For a brighter reverb effect keep the DAMPEN knob in the right hemisphere of its range. The DAMPEN control on darker settings also serves to smooth out audible echoes in the reverb tail, for a smoother, less spring-y reverb effect. Settings on the DAMPEN control will interact with how sensitive the REGENERATION and SWELL controls will act. Darker DAMPEN settings will send less information to the feedback path for the REGENERATION and SWELL effects to utilize, so higher settings on those controls may be needed to gain a similar effect as when brighter DAMPEN settings are used. The DAMPEN control has no effect on the dry analog signal path. There is no EQing of the dry signal path.


The REFECTIONS control simultaneously changes the reverb length from short (left) to long (right) and also the spacing between the barely audible echoes in the reverb path, giving the effect of changing the size of the simulated room.


This is your dry analog signal control. It can be set to completely off at the far left to boosted above unity gain at the far right. Use it in conjunction with the REVERB control to set how much dry>wet signal is mixed into the pedal output.


The REVERB control is an output mix level for the reverb path. It can be set to completely off (left) or wide open (right). Use it in conjunction with the DRY MIX control to set how much dry>wet signal is mixed into the pedal output. With the DRY MIX turned down and the REVERB control set high you can achieve 100% reverb signal. Or, turn the REVERB control down low with the DRY MIX set high for subtle reverberations.


This turns the pedal on or off, as indicated by the glowing blue LED.

The CADAVERNOUS ([PANDIMENSIONAL REVERBERATOR]) is “true- bypass”, in that the mechanically bypassed signal is non-buffered nor does it see any circuitry whatsoever. That said, never turn it off. Reverb is always appropriate. It will love you unconditionally. Gaze deeply into its blue light. Give yourself over to it. Let it envelope you as you disintegrate into its embrace.


The CADAVERNOUS ([PANDIMENSIONAL REVERBERATOR]) has 1 mono input and 1 mono output jack on the back (top side) of the pedal, both being ¼” unbalanced phono jacks, i.e. for your standard guitar (or bass/organ/synth /aux-send on your mixer/drum machine) cable.

DC JACK (soft-‘j ‘: pronounced \yak\) AND POWER REQUIREMENTS

There is 1 DC input jack provided on the back (top side) of the pedal. As with most DC- supplied electronic equipment, input of AC power will severely damage the unit. Please be very careful to make sure that your power supply lists a DC output of 9Volts and at the very least have a current supply of 200mA(milliamps), but ideally it would have more current. The polarity of your power supply is also very important. All Blackout pedals are designed to utilize the (mostly) industry-standard NEGATIVE CENTER 2.1mm plug, i.e. “the Boss plug”. There should be a little graphic drawing on the power supply demonstrating whether the center pin is negative or positive. Though we use the 2.1mm negative center jack as on the Boss power supplies we DO NOT RECOMMEND that you use those less-than-adequate power supplies. We test our pedals during the design phase for use with many different power supplies, but we primarily design our circuits to run optimally with the Visual Sound 1spot (cheap) and the Pedal Power Plus (not so cheap). The power supply that you choose does matter, so don’t skimp. We understand that it’s not a very sexy thing to spend your money on, but many problems can be avoided by buying a nicer power supply. There is no battery terminal inside the CADAVERNOUS ([PANDIMENSIONAL REVERBERATOR]). A battery would not last very long at all.


Every BLACKOUT EFFECTORS pedal comes with a 2-year warranty. See details on the website. If your pedal has exceeded the 2 year mark and requires servicing, please still contact us. We still want to help you out, but there may be a small bench fee attached depending on the scope of the work needed.


We borrowed the Cadavernous name from our friends’ band of the same name. They were stoked on the idea, we were stoked that they were stoked, and now you can be stoked too. Cadavernous (the band) are great, so check them out.

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