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The Sound Savant technology automatically controls an internal digital equivalent of the see-saw type foot actuator pedal standard in every Wah pedal out there. That is, the Psychic Wah pedal does all the work for you, creating a consistently elegant wah effect dictated entirely by your own particular style of playing. From soulful chord progressions to ripping leads, the Psychic Wah makes you sound like a practiced wah pedal adept with none of the distractions, as well as offering three additional modes of operation for sounds availavble nowhere else on the planet.  

The Psychic Wah's four distinct mode settings: 

  1. Full response (the classic wah wah pedal sound for every style and pace) 
  2. Lead Cuing (the wah effect is cued in or out by playing chords or lead -- see manual) 
  3. Autowah (a speed selectable wah cycle on every string pluck or note bend.) 
  4. Oscillation (similar to a Lesie, or PhotoVibe, the rate speeds up and slows down in sync with each string bend). 

The Psychic Wahs rugged cast-aluminum construction is near bullet-proof and its hammered blue glossy metallic finish is both strikingly handsome and highly resistant to scuffs and scratches.

Case manufactured in the USA by Pedal Enclosures.

9 Volt alkaline battery and free shipping are included. 

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