Black Cat Super Fuzz



  • Tone
    gives you a choice of two different sounds. With the switch up you get a straight fuzz sound, and with the switch down you get a muted "NOTCH" filtered sound.
  • Balance
    controls the amount of signal that passes through from the lst stage amplifier to the 2nd stage amplifier. The more signal that passes from stage to stage the more distorted the sound at the output. Turning up the DISTORTION control will give you a fuzzier octave doubled sound.
  • Expander
    controls the overall output of the unit.



The Black Cat Superfuzz is based on the 1970s Univox superfuzz which is quite a popular fuzz pedal with a decent wallop of upper octave. They also are cool on bass - you can hear it on the most rockin' Beastie Boys song SABOTAGE.

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