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Black Cat

The Black Cat OD-Fuzz is a versatile, two-channel distortion/fuzz box that combines the Black Cat OD-1 with a traditional silicon Fuzz Face in one pedal. Each channel of the OD-Fuzz has its own set of controls with separate LEDs for each side. The two channels can be used separately or together in combination. Each effect has its own distinct sound, but the blend of both channels together will yield an incredibly wide range of tonal possibilities, from slightly overdriven to full-blown fuzz. The controls become highly interactive when both effects are engaged.

The Black Cat OD-Fuzz is also available in Germanium and Ge/Si Hybrid fuzz variations:

  • The OD-Fuzz Hybrid is essentially the same as the standard Black Cat OD-Fuzz, except it uses a combination of Germanium and Silicon transistors in the fuzz circuit. This gives you the earthy warmth of Germanium and the sizzle of Silicon together in one fuzz. The Hybrid Fuzz channel also blends incredibly well with the OD channel.

  • The Germanium OD-Fuzz uses two NOS 1960s metal can Germanium transistors in the fuzz channel. It cleans up well when you roll back the volume on the guitar, and does everything that players have come to expect from a good Germanium Fuzz Face. It compliments the OD channel nicely by offering a bit more contrast in tone and texture.


  • Durable powder-coat "Holographic Sparkle" finish
  • High-quality OP275 dual op-amp for OD channel
  • NOS Philips BC-108 Fuzz Face transistors
  • Professional glass epoxy double-sided PCB
  • 3PDT true-bypass switch and Switchcraft jacks
  • Uses 2.1 mm Boss style power jack, or internal 9V battery
  • Hand-wired, boutique quality, made in USA
  • Two channels can be used independently or together
  • Controls are interactive when channels are combined

Black Cat

The OD-Fuzz, Germanium OD-Fuzz, and OD-Fuzz Hybrid now each have their own color

Lately, we've received a lot of questions about the variations of the Black Cat OD-Fuzz. In particular, people have been asking if there is any way to visually distinguish one version from another. One customer even had an interesting theory regarding the color scheme (outline cat vs. solid cat graphic, yellow knobs vs. black knobs, etc). The truth is, the graphic on all three versions has been the same... until now. 

Each version of the Black Cat OD-Fuzz now has its own color. The original silicon OD-Fuzz will still have the same yellow silkscreen graphic that we've been using. The Germanium OD-Fuzz now has a deep orange screen graphic, and the OD-Fuzz Hybrid has a crimson red screen graphic.

We've always indicated the individual versions in the serial number. For example, the standard silicon OD-Fuzz will simply have a 3-digit serial number (i.e. #999), whereas the Germanium OD-Fuzz and OD-Fuzz Hybrid will have a one letter suffix added to the serial number, either G or H respectively (i.e. #999-G or #999-H). This number is written on the bottom of the pedal, inside on the bottom plate, and on the white cardboard box that contains the pedal. And of course, you can always open the pedal and take a look at the circuit, if you happen to know what to look for.

The Sound

Finally, let's talk about the most important thing - the sound. There will obviously be a great deal of similarity in the three versions of OD-Fuzz, given the fact that they all use the same basic circuit. So we'll highlight the the qualities that are unique to each version:

  • The original OD-Fuzz is much warmer than you would expect from a silicon fuzz. With the guitar volume all the way up, the sound is warm and wooly, and a little on the dark side. But it's still plenty raucous and fuzzy; you're not likely to mistake it for a germanium fuzz. Roll back the volume on the guitar just a little and the sound brightens up quite a bit, while still keeping it very fuzzy. There's your silicon Fuzz Face tone. This is also where it blends best with the OD channel.

  • The Germanium OD-Fuzz is everything you'd expect from a germanium fuzz. And yes, the sound does clean up when you roll back the guitar volume. The fuzz channel on the Germanium OD-Fuzz feels and reacts very much like the OD channel. They are the proverbial twins sons of different mothers. Not surprisingly, the two channels blend remarkably well with each other.

  • The OD-Fuzz Hybrid is our personal favorite. You get the best of both worlds with the combination of the silicon and germanium transistors. It's noticeably more aggressive and articulate than either of the other versions, without being too edgy or nasty. The sound does NOT clean up when you roll back the guitar volume. Instead, it yields a really great sounding usable overdrive, making it a perfect foil for the OD channel. The silicon/germanium hybrid fuzz also offers more contrast and has less overlap in tone with the OD channel than the other two versions, which allows it to deliver a bit more variety of tones.

One final tip: We've heard comments from a couple of customers who thought that the fuzz side of their OD-Fuzz wasn't loud enough compared to the OD channel. The problem, really, is one of perception... Since the OD-1 circuit is one of the loudest overdrives out there (seriously), the OD channel of the OD-Fuzz is naturally quite a bit louder than the fuzz channel. This is normal. Both channels do, in fact, go past unity gain. The OD channel just does it a lot sooner (like around 9 o'clock!). Adjust levels accordingly.

So there it is, everything you could want to know about the Black Cat OD-Fuzz, from your friends at Black Cat Pedals.

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