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Good news for fuzz lovers! Due to high demand, we decided to make the Black Cat Custom K-Fuzz part of our regular line. Then we added some new features, which have turned the Custom K-Fuzz into a MONSTER K-Fuzz!

First, we applied our 3-position voicing option that we used for the Deluxe Mona Wah to the K-Fuzz. Then we added a 3-position diode switch that allows you to choose between germanium (like the original Kay Fuzztone), silicon (like the Custom K-Fuzz), and a specially selected Schottky diode pair. Finally, we added an input gain adjustment pot, just like the newer Deluxe Mona Wah has.

The new K-Fuzz also features a specially designed pot by wah master Joe Gagan. The taper allows for a smoother, more gradual transition between the bass tone and the treble tone. This is a huge improvement in functionality that allows you to create sweeping waves of fuzz or a slow building fuzz tsunami.

The new Black Cat K-Fuzz has the same orange sparkle finish as before, but the tread and other appointments are now white, which gives it a somewhat innocent appearance. Do not be deceived! This K-Fuzz may look like a lovely sweet orange and white creamsicle, but what lies beneath is a fuzz of unspeakable wrath and fury.

The original Custom K-Fuzz was a nasty beast to begin with. But with the addition of these new features, we've created the Fuzz to End All Fuzzes! This K-Fuzz is a fire breathing, earth shaking, rip-roaring monster of a fuzz. Guaranteed to strike fear and dread in the hearts (and ears) of your bandmates, neighbors, audience, and the world at large. Studio engineers and sound men will flee in terror as the Monster K-Fuzz unleashes the sound of planets colliding.

Much like the Deluxe Mona Wah, the new Monster K-Fuzz is a labor intensive b***ch to build. We originally thought we'd be able to streamline our process with the production version in order to offer a lower price, but instead we went in the opposite direction with all the new added features. So we've kept the price at $275, same as the Custom K-Fuzz, although the new version does require a lot more labor.

Below you can see the extensive wiring involved in making this pedal, which is similar to what we do with the Deluxe Mona Wah. You won't find anything like this inside your Dunlop signature wah.

The new Black Cat Monster K-Fuzz is now part of our regular line and sells for $275. As a special offer to our Black Cat fans, we're making the first batch of 10 available to you for an introductory price of $250. We won't be getting rich selling this pedal at this price, but we really want to let these monsters loose and get the word out. So there you go!

To order the new Black Cat Monster K-Fuzz at the special introductory price of $250 (plus shipping), just click the Buy Now button below.

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