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Black Candy Effects about the SuperFuzz Deluxe

The Black Candy Superfuzz Deluxe is based on the legendary Univox Superfuzz with a ton of additional features and updates.

  • There is a buffered Blend input at the top controlled by the left footswitch and Blend control that can variably mix any signal into the output (clean guitar in the demo), or add signal to the input (the fuzz output signal at 3 minutes in, causing feedback and self-oscillation) which is selected with the bottom toggle. The demo barely scratches the surface of the Blend inputs capabilites; mix in a 2nd instrument, create multi-pedal feedback loops, and probably a bunch of stuff I just haven't thought of yet. Note: mixing in some clean or EQ'd signal makes this pedal perfect for bass.
  • The right footswitch triggers the fuzz.
  • The top toggle selects symmetric/asymmetric clipping. Can be wired to select Silicon/Germanium diodes for an additional $5 (this option would only have symmetric or asymmetric in each mode, your choice).
  • The Glitch control lowers the voltage to a certain stage of the fuzz to give glitchy dead-battery breakup. Instead of a volume drop like most voltage controls, this causes a sort of minimum volume threshold to get the full gain.
  • The Bias control replaces the internal trim pot in the original. Dial in some staticy dirt in normal modes, turn to the right in blend feedback mode to cause synth-like self-oscillation.
  • The Cut control replaces the mid-cut switch from the Univox. Select your level of Cut to go from scream to crunch.

It is true bypass, fitted with a standard Boss-style 9V jack and internal battery clip. It also has built in power filtering and polarity protection.

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