Blackberry JAM Rosemary Rex



Rosemary Rex is Rosemary's High-end Model

The main feature of this machine is that Marshall 1959 Super Lead and the remodeled Marshall are packed in one unit. 

When the Boost switch is off, 1959 Super Lead intact, comfortable harmonic overtone, low range with thick, juicy middle range, and good high region pop out.

When the Boost switch is turned on, it is in the 60 's remodeled Marshall.

Vintage Marshall reminiscent of the early reconstructed Marshall amp that has a strong sound pressure and a fat and dense gain packed in a well-balanced manner, while retaining a soft texture.

Needless to say the range of the range and the speed of the response. 

" Rosemary Rex " should be able to enjoy the feeling of playing and sound - amp just feeling as if playing directly as connected to Marshall 1959 directly.

Controls: (Left to Right)

  • Lower stage
    • Volume: Adjust the overall volume 
    • Gain: Adjust the overall distortion and sustain 
  • Upper stage:
    • Treble: Adjust high-frequency distortion and volume 
    • Bass: Adjust low range distortion and volume


  • External dimensions (length / width / height /): 112 mm x 60 mmX56 mm
  • Weight: 370 g 
  • Current consumption: 9 VDC / 6 mA 
  • Built-in battery: 9 VDC (006 P) x 1 recommended (DURACELL ROCELL 9 VDC) 
  • Power supply adapter (sold separately): 9 VDC, Negative Tips (Regulated recommended)
  • True bypass 

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