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Blackberry JAM

Blackberry JAM version Tube Screamer!

From the circuit design stage Tube Screamer cut out with a completely different idea, from booster to hot overdrive, is a TS pedal boasting a wide range of outstanding defense range. While focusing on a natural tone to the last, I focused on clear and smooth playability. 

The foot switch which is also the feature of this instrument is the ON / OFF on the right side and the Boost on the left side, and the boost circuit arranged in the gain stage boasts a boost amount of up to 10 dB depending on the tuning of the knob, the volume, gain, I will boost all of the full range tones! 

This makes it possible to control the amount of gain flexibly from high-resolution crunch to thick-walled hot overdrive during boost while playing a splendid clean that normally reminds of the clean channel of the tube amp. 

I think that there are many people using small transistors/amplifiers in the home environment, but it seems that there are many people who feel a sense of unsatisfactory tube feeling is so dilute. Please try connecting it just before the amplifier in such a case. 

"Lemongrass" not only adds the texture of the vacuum tube to the transistor amplifier of JC etc., as well as correction of a tired tube amp and the feeling that the channel of the amplifier was increased, when the boost of the tube amp was realistically done You can feel it, it is a preamp · booster.


  • Volume: Adjust the overall volume 
  • Gain: Adjust the overall distortion and sustain 
  • Treble: Adjust high-frequency distortion and volume 
  • Bass: Adjust low range distortion and volume


  • External dimensions (length / width / height /): 112 mm x 60 mmX56 mm
  • Weight: 370 g 
  • Current consumption: 9 VDC / 6 mA 
  • Built-in battery: 9 VDC (006 P) x 1 recommended (DURACELL ROCELL 9 VDC) 
  • Power supply adapter (sold separately): 9 VDC, Negative Tips (Regulated recommended)
  • True bypass 

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