Blackbox Inferno



  • Smoke
  • Heat
  • Fire


Blackbox Music Electronics (2001)

The Inferno is a full-range fuzz box featuring a combination germanium/silicon circuit. All components are hand selected and auditioned for the best sound resulting in the warmth of vintage germanium transistors combined with the high gain of silicon. A lot of distortion/fuzz units cut a significant amount of bass and low mids out of your tone, giving at best, a thin sound or at worst, that lovely fingernails on chalkboard tone. The Inferno exhibits none of these issues due to its wide frequency range. As a result, the Inferno works well with a large range of instruments (guitar, bass, synths, etc.). The Inferno is very responsive to picking strength and to the volume knob on your guitar or instrument and will give a range of tones from mild overdrive to full-on sick fuzz.


  • Smoke - Controls the amount of fuzz/distortion and initial gain
  • Fire - Controls the effect output volume
  • Heat - Controls the amount of boost, gain and compression

Turn down the smoke (or your guitar volume knob) and adjust the heat to your liking for overdrive to light distortion tones (picking strength will also alter the amount of distortion quite a bit from clean to medium to heavy distortion/fuzz). For medium gain fuzz, turn the smoke halfway up (or adjust the guitar volume knob) and set the heat to taste. For full on dense, insane fuzz, crank everything up to 11 and flail away. For some seriously sick sounding fuzz, drive the Inferno with a preamp, EQ or overdrive (like the x-ray or TS-808) and watch the sparks fly out of the back of your amp! (You might want to turn that amp down before doing this!) The Inferno exhibits some interesting sustain and compression dynamics, especially at high gain settings. Like everything else, experimentation is key to finding sounds you really like.

OohLaLa Manufacturing

The Inferno is a high gain, full range vintage germanium and silicon transistor fuzz. It has an incredibly dense, rich sound, not to mention some tasty sustain and compression.

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