Black Arts Toneworks Sarcophagus Fuzz


Black Arts Toneworks

Introducing the new, limited edition Black Arts Toneworks Sarcophagus Fuzz! The Sarcophagus combines the Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh and LSTR into one, seraphic enclosure. The Pharaoh is an extremely versatile fuzz, capable of everything from light overdrive to all out, fuzzy clipping. The LSTR is a more straight forward, beefy muff with equally varied EQ capabilities. The order of the circuits can be switched for even more tonal options. Use the Pharaoh side to add some extra grit to your fuzzy signal or push the front end of your LSTR into oversaturated distortion. With a low price to boot, the Black Arts Toneworks Sarcophagus is the perfect addition for any BAT fanboy or fuzz lover.

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