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Black Arts Toneworks

The Black Arts LSTR Fuzz Pedal is basically a juiced Big Muff Pi with the tonestack tweeked to go from standard muff scoopy-ness to Pharaoh-ish wide open-ness.   

The Pharaoh's unruly brother, LSTR provides the opposite of the Pharaoh. The LSTR is an all out rock machine tuned and blended to deliver the signature Black Arts low end along with more fuzz than mamma allows , unique tone controls and LSTR's understated, striking beauty. LSTR is from the same BMP family, but unlike the Pharaoh, which is dialed back a little, LSTR is the action! LSTR is GO! LSTR can deliver fuzz bordering on distortion, tones go from the traditional muff scooped sound to the Pharaoh-ish wide open tones.

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