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This pedal is not a clean boost but a hefty +/- 35 DB "dirty" boost with a extra Dirt (overdirive) control.

The Colossa Booster is a Univox Unidrive based boost/overdrive.

The Colossa Booster loves low tuned guitars and bass heavy amps but also gives "normal" amps a nice deep sound.

The Colossa Booster is a custom developed for Remco Eijssen, guitar player for Colossa.


  • Sockets: Heavy duty ¼" jacks for INPUT and OUTPUT.
  • Controls: Boost + Dirt
  • Power: A Boss style 9 Volt DC socket or 9 Volt Battery
  • Effect on/off: A true bypass heavy duty foot-switch.
  • Size: (l x b x h) 119 x 94 x 34 mm
  • Enclosure: Heavy duty die cast aluminum
  • Circuit board: Point-to-point circuit boards. No PCB

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