Blacet Research module 2310 Filthy Filtre - Voltage Controlled State Variable Filter


  • Gain
    input volume
  • Frequency
    filter cut-off frequency
  • Mod. Attn.
  • Dest (F/Q)
    switches the modulation destination (cut-off frequency / resonance)
  • Q
  • Filthy (x10/x100)
    Q modes
  • Mode (Off/LP/BP/HP/AP)
    VC mode select: switch or morph (???)


Blacet Research

Start with a Highly Useful, Open Sounding Classic State Variable Design.
Add Very Agressive Voltage Controlled Q and Voltage Controlled Mode!

  • 12 dB State Variable design
  • Voltage control of frequency and Q
  • Two position Q switch: "Filthy: X10, X100"
  • +/- CV mod attenuator with switchable destination: Freq or Q
  • VC mode select: switch or morph (LP, BP, HP, All Pass)!
  • Plus separate mode outs: LP, BP, HP, Notch

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