Biyang OD-7 Overdrive



Tonefancier series effects,which have used the high-class handwork effects as standard, with a high cost in adopting a lot of high-quality and well-known HI-FI audio parts and combined with classic circuits and good internal structure, have reached a very high quality level!

OD-7 took a reference from the classic circuits of Ibanez TS Series, using a lot of high quality stuffs such as the classic JRC4558 chips and German WIMA audio capacitance, High precision resistance,etc.At the sametime, OD-7 has a special 3 mode design of BIYANG. The TS mode is the classic TS-9 overdrive tone, and even more saturated.The BRIGHT mode will bring more bright,saturated, smooth distortion tone. The WARM mode is a warmly high gain tone.

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