Biyang Baby Boom series RV-10 Tri Reverb



This stereo-designed reverb pedal has bags of character and realism, with super smooth tails. Stereo inputs and stereo outputs mean you can use the Tri Reverb either as a guitar effects pedal, or as a super compact outboard reverb for recording and mixers. It can happily take a mono input (e.g. single guitar) and mono output (e.g. to one amplifier).

Flick switch for three lush reverb sounds: Hall, Spring, Room. Also has A/B switch which varies the sound giving a total of 6 unique reverb sounds covering everything from intimate rooms to long spacious springs/plates/halls.

Biyang "Babyboom" is a totally brand new effect pedal series with a standard size cast aluminium enclosure. Every single unit undergoes a strict quality control ensuring the supreme quality performance. Absolutely Value-To-Money Craftwork!!!

Product Features:

  • German-Made "Wima" Capacitor
  • High Accuracy Resistance
  • Metal Potentiometer
  • Heavy Duty Footswitch
  • TRUE BYPASS Circuitry Stable S-006/6F22 9V power suppliers(can be powered by 9v PP3 battery or regular "Boss" style DC 9v adaptor)
  • Unique Design For Back Batter Cover
  • Vintage Analog Sounds
  • Standard Size Aluminium-Cast Enclosure (Colored Powder Coated Chassis, Smart Compact circuit design

Technical Description:

  • Connectors: Input×2,Output×2,DC9V in×1
  • Power supply: S-006/6F22 9Volt battery or DC9V adaptor
  • Current: 130mA
  • Input Impedance: 1MO
  • Size: 11.2cm(L)x6.3cm(W)x6.5cm(H)


myFXDB user reviews

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2015-08-2310/10  11 out of 10 Good Lord...arguably best value cheap pedal of all time. Lovely Boss-trouncing reverb ...errr....

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