Biyang Baby Boom series DS-10 Max Distortion


Biyang Baby Boom series

The DS-10 is designed specifically to reproduce the sound, feel and crunch of several different classic "Marshall' tube guitar amps. Getting the real tube amp feel and "girth" is something a lot of pedals promise, but we feel the brownie DS-10 delivers.

For the three modes:

  • "Power" is the glowing tube, fat and gutsy four-input "Plexi" sound. Lots of mids, chunky warm bottom end and a crisp, relaxed high end.
  • "Open" is a crunchier, punchier version, more of a good, hot modded plexi sound
  • "Comp" is a more compressed lead sound with a bit of a midrange scoop- like a hotrodded JCM-800


  • German-Made "Wima" Capacitor
  • High Accuracy Resistance Metal Potentiometer
  • Heavy Duty Footswitch
  • TRUE BYPASS Circuitry
  • Stable S-006/6F22 9V power suppliers (can be powered by 9v PP3 battery or regular "Boss" style DC 9v adaptor)
  • Unique Design For Back Batter Cover
  • Vintage Analog Sounds
  • Standard Size Aluminium-Cast Enclosure
  • Colored Powder Coated Chassis
  • Smart Compact circuit design

Technical Description:

  • Connectors: Input, Output, DC9V in
  • Power supply: S-006/6F22
  • 9Volt battery or DC9V adaptor
  • Current: 7mA
  • Input Impedance: 1MOhms
  • Size: 11.2cm(L)x6.3cm(W)x6.5cm(H)

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