Biyang Baby Boom series AD-10 Time Machine


  • Time
  • Blend
  • Repeat
  • 600ms/1100ms (toggle)


Biyang Baby Boom series

The AD-10 features the grouping of a two stage seperate chip set, which has vastly improved the delay fidelity and realistic trailing effects. Analog circuitry design is used for delay time realism and a pure clean sound that colors nicely and creates great space in the sound. Max delay time is 1100ms (1.1seconds), and features a two mode toggle switch: 20-600ms, 20-1100ms. 600ms allows for a little faster repeats and delay times while the 1100ms is capable of longer, slower delays. A very nice option depending on what you need a delay to do.


  • All metal Steel enclosure. (No plastic here!) Space saving design for pedalboards... compact and powerful.
  • Blend, Time & Repeat controls. Up to1,100ms
  • Quality parts and construction throughout.
  • True Bypass construction and rugged stomp switch
  • Uses high quality parts such as German WIMA audio capacitance, high precision resistance, etc... for clear signal transaction

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