Bixonic EXP-2001 Expandora II



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Bixonic (2001-2008)

Previously available on a "need to know" basis only, information on the Expandora has now been declassified and made available to the public. This multi-function distortion unit was long rumored to be the secret weapon behind the sonic assaults of many top professionals, but until recently intelligence as to its whereabouts was not available. Now the Expandora has resurfaced albeit with a new, slightly altered identity. While its appearance may have changed, the Expandora II's mission remains clear — to provide all the great sounds of the original Expandora with improved operation and a user-friendly configuration.

After conducting strenuous field-tests of the original Expandora under hostile conditions, reports were submitted by our operatives that the device was no longer offering the cutting-edge sonic support or ease-of-operation that they required. Major shortcomings were cited to be a lack of low-frequency emissions as well as an awkward user interface that made it difficult to access the multiple functions of the device.

Always up for a challenge, the Bixonic R&D team went to work immediately, mothballing the EXP-2000 and drawing up plans for its successor from scratch.

The results speak for themselves — an all-new chassis with easy access battery compartment and true bypass switching. A front-mounted Drive knob to replace the internal DIP switches and allow for on-the-fly tone tweaks. An increased low-frequency response that gives the unit added authority and depth. A Multiple LED display that provides precise information on input signal level.

While these new features have changed the face of the Expandora considerably, its basic mission remains the same — to provide operatives with the sustaining, saturated tones of the original Expandora without sacrificing the sonic transparency and dynamic responsiveness that made the EXP-2000 famous.

Mission accomplished.


  • Input Impedance: 100k ohm
  • Input Jack: 1/4 Inch standard phone jack
  • Output Impedance: 10k ohm
  • Output Jack: 1/4 Inch standard phone jack
  • Switch: NORMAL/EFFECT (True Bypass Switching)
  • Power Supply: 9V dry cell battery or AC Adaptor (200 mA, Tip Negative regulated)
  • Current Consumption: 15 mA (9V DC)
  • Dimensions: 4.2" W x 4.1" L x 1.8" H
  • Weight: 9.6 ozs
  • Accessories: 9V dry cell battery, User's Manual, Warranty Card
  • Warranty: One Year, full parts and labor

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