Bixonic EXP-2000 Expandora



  • Gain
  • Tone
  • Level


  • Distortion On/Off
  • Overdrive On/Off
  • Crunch On/Off


  • D1
  • D2
  • Ins (B/G)


Bixonic (2000-2001)

The Bixonic Expandora is no ordinary "fuzz box", but a sophisticated distortion device that allows the user to preset different gain structures.

The Gain, Tone and Level controls combined with its internal DIP switches let you set the exact sound you're looking for, from TS-808 Overdrive to germanium-transstor Fuzz Face and every shade in betwee.

The Expandora's DIP switch settings correspond to three basic gain structures. Crunch gives the least gain; Overdrive gives medium gain; Distortion gives the most gain. And don't forget to try the "forbidden" setting with both DIP switches down! The Expandora is dynamically sensitive, allowing users to vary the amount of distortion by adjusting their instrument's volume knob. In addition, all of the Expandora's settings retain excellent note-to-note definition, even with chords!


The Bixonic Expandora EXP-2000R Effects Pedal is a reissue that addresses major shortcomings in the original Expandora, including the lack of low-frequency emissions and an awkward user interface that made it difficult to access the multiple functions of the device. The Bixonic R&D team mothballed the EXP-2000 and drew up plans for its successor from scratch.

The end result includes an all-new chassis with easy-access battery compartment and true bypass switching. A front-mounted drive knob replaces the internal DIP switches and allows for on-the-fly tone tweaks. An increased low-frequency response gives the Expandora EXP-2000R unit added authority and depth. A multiple LED display provides precise information on input signal level.

It's back and better than ever.


  • All-new chassis with easy access battery compartment and true bypass switching
  • Front-mounted drive knob for on-the-fly tone tweaks
  • An increased low-frequency response
  • Multiple LED display provides precise information on input signal level

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