Billy Zoom Little Kahuna - Tube Tremolo & Spring Reverb



Billy Zoom

The Little Kahuna is an all tube, high-end, Reverberation and Tremolo unit for electric guitar.

These units are designed and entirely hand built by Billy Zoom at the Billy Zoom Custom Shop in Orange, California.

Reverb section:

  • All tube circuitry
  • Real spring reverb
  • Custom tensioned springs
  • Constant-Current Pentode tube drive for super lush reverberation
  • Extra-heavy duty drive transformer
  • The Reverb Drive knob controls signal strength to the springs
  • The Reverb Depth knob controls signal strength from the springs
  • "Pull for Surf" feature on Depth knob boosts just the right frequencies for the ultimate Surf guitar "drip"

Tremolo section:

  • All tube circuitry
  • Tube bias type tremolo for deep, lush tremolo effect
  • Variable Q circuit for perfect tremolo at any speed setting
  • The Tremolo Speed knob provides extended speed range, from ultra slow to super fast
  • The Tremolo Depth knob selects just the right amount of Tremolo


  • The Dual foot switch provides absolutely silent switching of Reverb and Tremolo effects
  • The switch housing is Powder coated, heavy gauge steel, with a 15 foot cord


  • Cabinets are Dovetailed 7 ply Baltic Birch
  • Covered in Heavy NubTex in Blonde, Black, Brown, or Tweed
  • Stylish Plexi front panel featuring the Little Kahuna
  • Chromed steel caps on all eight corners
  • Steel reinforced handle
  • Heavy duty Glass/epoxy eyelet board
  • Entirely hand wired by Billy Zoom
  • Capacitors are high quality film type audio caps
  • The resistors are low-noise metal oxide, 2% tolerance, 1/2 watt or greater

Tube complement:

  • 1 - 6BM8
  • 2 - 12AX7's

Dimensions: 18 1/4"W x 5 1/4"H x 9 1/2"D

weight: 13 1/2 lbs.

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