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    Billy Zoom Music and the Billy Zoom Custom Shop are run by Billy Zoom in Orange, CA.

    Timeline (by Billy Zoom)

    • 1954: Began playing guitar (in addition to piano, accordion, saxophone, clarinet, flute, etc.)
    • 1958: Built first HAM radio
    • 1962: Switched to electric guitar and started first R&R band.
    • 1966: Built first guitar pedal
    • 1969: Moved to Hollywood,started working at Guitar Center, electronics night school,built first guitar amp
    • 1970: Opened Hollywood Custom Amps at 1451 N. Vista, Hollywood.
    • 1973: Changed name to Billy Zoom / Billy Zoom Custom Amps
    • 1976: Started ZOOM amp company, in garage... about two per month
    • 1977: Founded the band X
    • 1978: First X releases on Dangerhouse records.
    • 1980: X breakthrough album, Los Angeles on Slash Records, big tour begins
    • 1982: X moves to Elektra Records, big tour continues
    • 1984: Designed and built by Zoom, model X touring amp introduced, big tour continues.
    • 1986: Worn out, Billy leaves X, returns to amp work full time, returns to college.
    • 1988: Began 18 year relationship as Brian Setzer's amp tech.
    • 1993: BZ Custom Amps moved from Hollywood to Orange, CA
    • 1997: X reunion
    • 1998: X reunion tour begins, model X amp still used on all X shows since 1984
    • 2005: Zoom model X amp receives first set of new tubes and tune-up, just as a precaution.
    • 2008: Introduction of the Little Kahuna Reverb and Tremolo unit.
    • 2011: X reunion tour continues, X amp continues without a problem, X tours South America w/ Pearl Jam

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