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From thick, gated, dark, woolly, high gain, wall of sound fuzz to smooth, punchy, glassy, low gain overdrive, and everything in between, The Six of Swords covers more sonic territory than any other analog pedal before. Lead or rhythm, Classic Rock or Hard Rock, Blues or Punk, this pedal has got the tone you are looking for. With a beautiful array of in between tones, the Six of Swords allows you to dial in the exact tone you've always wanted from a stompbox, but have yet to find.

  • V = volume.

  • I = intensity. The Six of Swords was designed to use the guitar's volume knob as the actual "drive" knob. The intensity knob changes characteristics like pick attack, compression, sustain, and saturation from a low gain distortion to a high gain distortion.

  • X = texture. Turning this knob clockwise adds hair to the notes and intermodulation to the sustain. Turning it counter clockwise smooths out the notes and removes intermodulation from the sustain without robbing the distortion of gain or saturation.

  • B & T = bass & treble. The Six of Swords has a powerful 2 band EQ that not only cuts or boosts bass & treble, but can also dial out or accentuate mids, and change the focus of the voicing from loose fuzzy tones to tight distortion tones.

This is our contribution to the world of distortion FX. The Six of Swords. We hope it will help you as you row across the sorrowful sea of endless dirt boxes and bring your journey to an end.

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