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The BigToneMusicBrewery Royal Beaver is the BYOC Large Beaver taken to a whole new level. The Royal Beaver is a big muff pi clone that can give you the exact tone of any vintage muff version. Triangle Version1, Triangle Version 2, Ram's Head, NYC Original, NYC Reissue, or Green Russian. We've taken the experience that we've gained over several years of studying vintage big muffs inside and out, perfecting the art of recreating vintage muff tones, and helping thousands of people build and modify their own big muffs, and used it to design what we consider to be the ultimate big muff pi inspired guitar effect ever. After countless experiments, we've distilled the essence of what makes each version of the big muff different. We found which components were crucial to the tone of each version, and how to manipulate them so that the tone of any version can be acheived.

Do not let the number of knobs fool you. At its heart, the Royal Beaver is still just a simple 3 knob big muff clone. It's the transistor configuring knobs that make this pedal unique. The V+, Gain, and Bias knobs allow you to shape and sculpt the tone and texture of each of the individual transistor clipping stages so that they match any of the vintage big muffs. The science behind it goes like this: All of the big muff versions, whether it be the Triangle, Ram's Head, NYC, or Green Russian, all used the exact same circuit. The only thing that changed over the years were some of the component values. We've isolated the most key components that give each transistor stage their unique characteristics and made them variable. If that doesn't make any sense to you, that's ok. Just download the user manual, find the settings for the vintage muff version you want, dial it in, and play.

The Royal Beaver is also more than just a clone. Sure it can nail the vintage muff tones, but it can also create muff inspired tones that were never possible before. It's truly a tweeker's delight and made for those who want to discover their own tone.

The 4-way EQ knob allows you to choose between 3 different frequency response settings: Scoop (scooped out midrange just like a vintage muff); Flat (flat response); and Mids (gives just a little bit of a midrange boost). The 4th setting, None, removes the tone stack completely, just like some vintage muffs used to for pure uncut muff tone.

The Transistor Stage toggle switches allow you to bypass one or both of the Transistor Clipping Stages. This lets you use only one of the clipping stages for a grindy lower gain muff tone that you just can't get by turning down the sustain knob or your guitar's volume knob. Or you can turn off all the Transistor Clipping Stages. This leaves you with two cascaded boost circuits for a gritty boost with gain and tone control (or no tone control if you set the EQ knob to None).

The Royal Beaver also has an EXTRA 3rd TRANSISTOR CLIPPING STAGE!!!! Really take your tone where no muff has gone before. More distortion, sustain, and feedback than you ever thought was possible from a big muff, but it still has that distinct muff tone.

Other features include, true mechanical bypass, Neutrik jacks, and of course, a pink LED status light.

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