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The Classic Overdrive Plus comes with your choice of the Ibanez Tubescreamer TS-808 circuit or the DOD 250. The 3 toggle switches located on the side combine to give you a total of 8 different styles of overdrive. The "gain" switch changes the gain limiting resistor to give you either stock saturation or maximum saturation. The "bass" switch changes the tone of the overdrive from the bright, mid humpy sound of the stock designs to a darker sounding overdrive with better bass response and more gain so it doesn't sound so much like someone stuck a pillow in front of your speaker when you turn down the tone knob. The "Clipping" switch goes from stock symmetrical clipping to asymmetrical clipping for more headroom and a more tubelike sound. The clipping switch comes with your choice of germanium or silicon diodes. The silicon diodes have the most headroom and have a more "big amp" tone. They also add a volume boost. The germanium diodes make the overdrive have a little more of a fuzzy quality.

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