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This isn't just another modified tubescreamer. This pedal was designed from the ground up with 2 goals in mind. The first was that it had to be easy to use. 3 knobs: Level, Tone, and Drive. It doesn't get any easier than that. The second was that it had to have the sound and feel that I've been searching for in an overdrive for as long as I've been playing guitar. There are lots of overdrives out there that sound great, and come so close to the sound that I've wanted, but no matter how I modified them, they still weren't perfect to me.

The Big Tone Music Brewery Overdrive was designed to have a huge range of gain. With the drive knob turned down, it has an amazing sparkly boost. With the drive knob turned up, it has a lot more gain than most overdrives, but without turning into a fuzz or an overly compressed distortion. At the highest gain settings, it's still open and dynamic with a crisp attack and the warm crunchy break up of a tube amp,that distinctly makes it an overdrive.

The Big Tone Music Brewery Overdrive was designed to not just sound like an overdriven amp, but feel like one too. There's something about the way it feels to plug into a dimed amp that no overdrive pedal has ever been able to emulate. Even when you're not playing, you can still feel energy coursing through the strings of your guitar. I wanted to try to capture some of that feeling. I designed a unique feedback loop to give the pedal the sort of sustain you can only get when your speakers are returning energy to the strings via soundwaves through the air. No, this doesn't make the pedal do any sort of crazy self-oscillating noises. But it does make it feel and sound more alive. I also wanted the pedal to have the same compression and sag characteristics of an amp that's being pushed beyond the limits of its tubes. I've always thought that JFET components were one of the best solid state analog technologies available when it came to mimicking a vacuum tube. But they need to be biased just so in order to sound good. So I designed a separate bias that affects only the JFET based operational amplifier in the circuit. Each pedal is dialed in by hand to sound and feel more tube-like than anything before it.

The BTMB Overdrive was also designed to have a full frequency response and still remain transparent. It has lots of tight low end without being too boomy, lots of high end chime without being shrill, and a punchy midrange without boosting the mids. It's thick and full, and yet it still doesn't color your tone. The pedal wasn't designed to imitate the voicing of any particular amplifier. It was designed to allow your amp's natural voicing to shine through.

Each pedal is meticulously assembled, soldered, and wired by hand, in-house from start to finish. We use all panel mounted and through hole components, Neutrik jacks, and a rugged 3PDT foot switch for true bypass. The BTMB Overdrive uses a single 9 volt battery, but you can use either a 9, 12, 15, of 18 volt power supply with the industry standard 2.1mm negative tip. Current draw = 4.5mA. Input impedance = 470k ohms. Output impedance = 100k ohms. This pedal does not come with a user's manual. It's a waste of paper. Do you really need a manual to explain how to use a 3 knob overdrive and change a battery?

This is the overdrive that I've been in search of for more than 20 years. It's perfect for lead or rhythm and works for almost any genre or style. I know I've done a good job of designing it, because every time I plug one in to test, I end up getting sucked into playing for an hour or more. I hope you get the same enjoyment out of this overdrive that I do.

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