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If you love the warm rich sound of vintage fuzz, but find that it's overly dark qualities limit you to just playing cover tunes, then the Fuzz Master is for you. At it's heart, the Fuzz Master still has a circuit identical to the original Arbiter Fuzz Face. It starts out with 2 NOS Mullard OC75 germanium transistors. Both tested for proper leakage and gain. The Fuzz Master has 4 knobs: Volume, Tone, Fuzz, and Bias.

In addition to the 4 knobs on the top of the pedal, there is a 5th located on the side of the pedal next to the input jack. This is actually a 5-way switch. It is the Input Capacitor Selector Switch. This switch sets the Fuzz Master apart from any other fuzz out there. It gives the Fuzz Master true sound contour and a tonal spectrum unlike any other fuzz. By switching the input capacitors, you can go from that "woofy" ultra-bassy sound of the original Arbiter Fuzz Face to a nasty nasal and everything in between and still keep that warm tone that has made the fuzz circuit legendary.

Then there is the "hybrid" switch. When in germanium mode it engages two NOS Mullard OC75 germanium transistors for that pure vintage fuzz sound. Switching it to hybrid mode replaces one of the transistors with a high-gain BC214 silicon transistor to add more sustain, punch, and fizzle to the fuzz.

The little black rubber stopper located next to the input jack is the easy-access internal trimpot. Tweaking your fuzz has never been so easy. Just pull the stopper out and stick a small screwdriver inside. No need to remove the baseplate and flip it upside-down.

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