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Big Tone Music Brewery

Not one, not two, but three germanium transistors. All tested for the correct amount of leakage and gain. This is an absolute must have for any true Zeppelin fan. Big Tone Music Brewery's Germanium Fuzz Bender is a flawless recreation of the original Sola Sound Tone Bender only better because it has true bypass and it's made by hand with the finest quality parts available. With 3 germanium transistors and a germanium diode, the Fuzz Bender has more gain, more deeply defined clipping, and more sustain than the Fuzz Face or it's clones.

When used with humbuckers, nothing else sounds as warm and fuzzy as this. When used with single coils it scorches and makes the tail ends of your notes sound like they're on fire. Put the Fuzz Bender in front of a wah and you'll see why it's called "bender".

Both the MKII "2 knob" and MKIII "3 knob" versions are available now with your choice of NOS Mullard OC75's or OC81M's.

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