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Struggling with that age old question, "Do I get the MXR Dynacomp compressor or do I drop the big bucks and get the Ross 'grey' compressor?" Big Tone Music Brewery has the answer...get them both.

Big Tone's Double Squeezer compressor is a clone of both the Dynacomp and Ross "grey" compressors. It's a little known fact, but much like the Vox Wah-wah and the Dunlop Crybaby, the circuits of the Dynacomp and Ross compressors are virtually identical. The only difference is that the Ross compressor has 4 extra capacitors. Just add a switch to turn them on and off, and you've got the two most coveted compressors ever in one pedal.

The Double Squeezer has a Level knob, a Sustain knob and a ross/dyna switch. Ross mode gives you long rich sustain with very little affect on your pick attack and smooth compression of output levels that no other compressor can match. The only short coming of the Ross "grey" compressor is its slight attenuation of high frequencies.

This is where the MXR Dynacomp picks up. Switch the Double Squeezer into dyna mode for bright shimmering chords or anytime you need a little extra twang.

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