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The Anthology Fuzz is 6 of the most coveted fuzzes ever in one single pedal. It uses 4 Nos germanium transistors and 4 silicon transistors. This isn't digital modelling. This is pure analogue bliss.

  • Ge Face: An exact clone of the most famous fuzz pedal ever, The Fuzz Face, with 2 NOS Mullard OC75 germanium transistors. (the tone knob is not engaged here in order to preserve tonal accuracy)
  • Si Face: Uses the same circuit as the Ge Face, but switches out the germanium transistors for silicon and rebiases the circuit. The tone knob still is not engaged.
  • Brit 2: This is an exact clone of the SolaSound ToneBender MKII (2 Knob Tonebender). The MKII circuit was 100% identical to the original FuzzFace, but SolaSound added an extra transistor stage to the beginning of the circuit. The Brit 2 circuit switches the first 2 transistors back to germanium and engages an extra germanium transistor stage in front of the Face circuit.
  • Brit 3: This is based on the Colorsound ToneBender MKIII (3 Knob Tonebender). It switches back to germanium transistors and adds a 3rd stage with another germanium transistor and additional circuitry and also engages the tone knob.
  • SupaBrit: Based on the Colorsound SupaTonebender. It switches all 3 of the transistors to Silicon and kicks in a diode clipping stage.
  • USA: Can't forget the Big Muff. Little known fact, but the BMP is a straight up clone of the Supa Tonebender with a 4th transistor stage at the end. So can you guess what happens when you turn the switch to "USA"? A 4th stage is engaged with another silicon transistor and additional circuitry.

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