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Big Lloyde

This is the Dee-Layer Delay. This is an analogue delay pedal with a digital memory chip. This allows it to have warm, dark, echos while simplifiying the circuitry enough to keep the price reasonable. It is capable of a maximum of aproximately 600ms delay time which is adjusted with the Delay Control. With the Feedback Control maxxed, this pedal will oscillate or it can be turned clear down for just one echo. The Level Control adjust the volume of the echos, which can be louder than the original note. Please note that as an analogue pedal, with the Level control at maximum, there will be a little noise. The Dee-Layer also has an effects loop which allows the delayed signal to be fed through another pedal, or a series of pedals and back into the Dee-Layer. This can create some very interesting effects. Adding a chorus into the effects loop will give a very nice "tape loop" effect which is excellent for adding ambience to arpeggios, or whatever.


Now available - a new collaboration with a company called "Big Lloyde"...the SAME company that collaborated with us on the Phat Axx Overdrive!

The aesthetics are completely original...this isn't a diamond plate pedal but the design has been 'etched' into the metal itself.

This new delay has super-warm analog rich tones, but the flexibility of a digital delay. The very first pedal off of the bench is to be used by Brent Mason, who tested our prototype and even used it for some of the recordings on the CMA's! He felt it was a great sounding delay pedal...and if anybody knows guitar tone, that guy does!

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