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This ultra compact pedal (4 x 9 cm) solves the nagging issue of your favourite vintage pedals sucking away at your tone, even while turned off. Boss pedals, Cry Babys, Fuzz Faces - most all old-school pedals use a pseudo bypass circuit, as well as many newer inexpensive pedals that do not use the more expensive 3PDT footswitch circuitry. And while you love those those old effects because they still sound great, they're a major pain in that, even when turned off, they continue to force-feed your guitar's signal through their ancient buffer circuitry.

Now you can enjoy all the tonal advantages of true 3PDT bypass without having to neuter your classic pedal with an expensive modification that could ultimately affect its resale value, not to mention strip it of its characteristic tone. How does it work? The looper becomes an intermediary between your guitar and your non-TBP effect (or effects - this also can be used to route to multiple effects, turning them all on at once with a single stomp). The "in" and "out" of the looper are directly connected in its True Bypass "off" state, thus leaving the vintage pedal(s) totally out of the chain when not in use. With the vintage effects units left in their "on" state and connected via the looper's "send"and "receive" sockets, they only physically enter your signal chain when you stomp on the looper to reroute your guitar's signal to them. The looper can work with or without power, but when hooked up to the DC of your pedalboard it displays a brilliant blue light that tells you when the signal is being passed on to the effect.

While this was originally intended as an easy way to add 3PDT true bypass to vintage effects, users have already come up with a number of great new applications that are equally useful:

  • Alternative application #1: If you're a guitar tone purist who's had to concede the need for a full pedalboard, but still pine for a way to simply cut through that jungle of connections, cables, buffered effects, et al to find your true tone self and experience that long-lost art of "guitar-plugged-directly-into-amp" tone nirvana, then this is the pedal for you. With this method there is literally nothing between you and your tone. The diagram attached illustrates this simple setup.

  • Alt application #2: Turning on (by routing to) multiple effects for a pre-determined "patch" that can be turned on with a single stomp. So simple, yet so effective. Less pedalboard tap-dancing is always a good thing.

  • Alt application #3: If you're like me, the best thing about wahs is not the actual gyrating around of the pedal itself, but finding that tonal sweet spot and leaving it there for a solo. The problem has always been that to turn the wah on you were forced to meander around during your performance to find that spot and then, once you turned off the wah again, you'd lost it yet again. Problem now solved with the looper, simply set your wah's spot up beforehand and the looper takes care of the rest.

Big Knob Pedals

This isn't a looper, but an effect loop pedal that gives you the ability to run two extra loops right from your rig. This is perfect for use with old non-true-bypass pedals, just put these effects into one of the effects loop and when they aren't in use they are totally bypassed giving you clean, pure tone. You can also use the True Bypass Looper as a muted tuner out.

True Bypass Looper features:

  • Ultra-compact size (4x9cm)
  • Four sockets for Out, In, Send and Receive
  • Accepts standard 9volt pedal adaptor for light, but works with no power if needed
  • 100% analogue,no digital components used
  • True 3PDT bypass switching with bright LED when powered

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