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Big Knob Pedals

Big Knob Pedals presents "TONE BLENDER"

An exact circuit and component replica of the classic fuzz that started it all in the mid-60s. The Tone Bender has become a thing of legend owing to the sheer number of classic tracks it was used on during the 60s and 70s. Jeff Beck (“Heartful of Soul”) and Jimmy Page (“Communication Breakdown”) were just a small sampling of its early converts. Others like Mick Ronson famously kept his throughout the seventies to later feature as his signature guitar sound on Bowie’s ground-breaking “Spiders From Mars” album.

100% hand-wired and made with all quality components including a solid die-cast Hammond case, Electro-Harmonix heavy-duty 3PDT true bypass footswitch and, last but not least, three old-school-variety germanium transistors (no silicon here; using only those original big cans!) that are selectively paired for optimum quality and that authentic tone.

Big Knob Pedals

This legendary fuzz was the first go-to pedal for the acclaimed guitarists of the 1960s and early 70s including Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Mick Ronson. Its super-thick vintage fuzz tone is achieved by means of three matched NOS 1960s-era Russian military germanium transistors.

Tone Blender features:

  • Authentic vintage fuzz tone
  • Three matched NOS 1960s-era Russian germanium transistors
  • Controls for Level and Attack
  • Fully hand-wired analog circuitry
  • Compact MXR-sized enclosure
  • True bypass 3PDT switching
  • Bright indicator LED
  • 9V DC battery clip included

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