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This single-germanium boost pedal's legendary tone is still revered as one of the cornerstones of vintage rock. Known primarily as the classic treble boost popularized by Brian May of Queen and Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, it's been re-discovered time and again by guitarists of every generation. If your goal is to drive your tube amplifier into a natural-sounding overdrive with a brilliant-sounding bite, then this is your pedal!

Range Blaster features:

  • An exact replica of the classic overdrive/treble boost
  • A single NOS Russian germanium transistor for vintage tone
  • Controls for Range and Boost
  • Fully hand-wired analog circuitry
  • Compact MXR-sized enclosure
  • True bypass 3PDT switching
  • Bright indicator LED
  • 9V DC battery clip included

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