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Big Knob Pedals presents 'Green Russian Muff'

An exacting replica of what many view as the best silicon-based fuzz ever produced: the Sovtek Russian-produced “Green Russian”. Now discontinued and increasingly rare to find, these were known for being smoother, a tad darker with more midrange, less gain, and have what some describe as a more musical tone compared to other Muffs. Although very nearly similar to the Muff known as the Civil War version, there were a few component value changes that make a subtle difference some people swear by.

Green Russian features:

  • Authentic circuit replica of the famous Muff
  • Compact, pedalboard friendly size
  • Accepts standard 9v pedalboard power supply - no 9v battery option included
  • 100% analogue, no digital components used
  • True 3PDT bypass switching with bright LED
  • Proudly hand-wired in the UK
  • Full Lifetime warranty

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