Big Knob Pedals Fuzz Barn - Germanium Fuzz with Self-Oscillation and Feedback


Big Knob Pedals

The Fuzz Barn provides everything you need from a fuzz and more. From classic Hendrix-sounding "Fuzz Face" tones to over-the-top feedback squeals and insane self-oscillation, you'll find yourself spending hours tweaking the 5 knobs as they all inter-relate to shape the nearly infinite amount of sounds this box can produce. Two AC128 germanium transistors of the old-school variety (these were some used in the original Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Faces) supply the classic fuzz sound and other more modern high-quality components keep the noise level down to a minimum, a must-have in a monster pedal packing this much gain.

"Fuzz Barn" is 100% hand-wired and made with only top quality components, including a heavy-duty die-cast Hammond case and an Electro-Harmonix 3PDT true bypass footswitch. Like all my "Big Knob" branded pedals, it was created first and foremost for my own use as a gigging guitarist. I guarantee the quality in all my pedals, and accept all returns, no questions asked.

Big Knob Pedals

From authentic Hendrix Fuzz Face tones to over-the-top feedback squeals and insane self-oscillation, a nearly infinite variety of fuzz effects are yours by tweaking Fuzz Barn's five inter-related knobs. Two NOS Russian military germanium transistors provide the authentic vintage fuzz tones.

Fuzz Barn features:

  • Infinite variety of classic and modern fuzz tones
  • Two matched NOS Russian germanium transistors
  • Controls for Volume, Gate, Comp, Drive and Stab
  • Fully hand-wired analog circuitry
  • Compact MXR-sized enclosure
  • True bypass 3PDT switching
  • Bright indicator LED
  • Accepts standard 9V pedal adaptor
  • 9V DC battery clip included


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2015-06-116.5/10  Veroboard clone of FFactory, annoyingly difficult to get right and annoyingly wide on pedal board. Some nice sounds if you duct tape it!!!...

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