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Big Knob Pedals

This latest addition to the Big Knob line-up was added by popular request from our customers. The Dyna Tone adds infinitely clean sustain by means of an opto-coupler circuit that varies the output signal to keep it a constant level. Compressing the loud signals while boosting the lower ones, it transparently provides smooth sustain without any noticeable degradation of sound quality.

Dyna Tone features:

  • Transparent distortion-free sustain
  • 100% analog compression via an opto-coupler circuit
  • Controls for Level and Sensitivity
  • Fully hand-wired analog circuitry
  • Compact MXR-sized enclosure
  • True bypass 3PDT switching
  • Bright indicator LED
  • Accepts standard 9V pedal adaptor
  • 9V DC battery clip included

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